Rocking Horse Cut

Not finished yet but I have 6 of these cut out and glued together. Needs to be sanded. Hand and foot pegs will also be added. I’ll add more images to this topic once its complete.

Maslow Bit Camera view:


Beautiful! I can’t wait to see the whole thing…Loving that design

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These are pretty slick and cheap if anyone is looking. I have one mounted above the maslow and one on the bit.


Getting closer


Thats quite cool! Nice design! Subscribed to your YouTube for more maslow videos too :wink:

Nicely done. Was that all on one 4x8 sheet? Not sure what you did with this rocking horse’s inside blanks but you could have made another rocking horse with the centers of the outlines. You’d have a “matching” set.

Lol Woo! First subscriber!


I used a couple bare spots I had from other sheets. Not sure that you could fit 6 on one sheet. The bad thing about this design is there is a lot of waste. I thought about making another one from the insides but they dont really look like a horse.