Wooden Rocking Sheep

My wife found this on Pinterest, I stole the .jpg and used it to reverse design the sheep in Onshape. The only thing not cut with the Maslow are the 1.5in square cross beams. Need to finish sanding and paint/stain.


Nice would you be will to share your Svg file

Was the round-over on the body and seat edges done with the machine or part of the assembly process?

The routing was done with the Maslow but not the way your thinking, I used the Maslow to build myself a router table that accepts the sled upside-down. It works pretty good actually. Thread Don’t buy a Router table, build one


If I was building this project again I would make sure to get plywood without a laminate surface. I would also use the router to drill pilot holes that I would later drill out for the dowels. My Maslow cut the dowel holes a little to small, better small than bigger I guess, but because the holes were already nearly 1/2 in, the desired size, I wasn’t able to use my wood boring drill bit. Instead I used a bit designed for metal which chipped the sides of the holes a little.

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