Router choice for Z axis

Need a router recomendation for the Z axis. Told the Ridgid R2200 would be fine. They only have the R2400 which the adjustment screw is incased in the housing. The R22002 is 11amp and expensive…$180. I bought a DW616 before ordering the CNC. It will not adapt.

you are pretty much locked into the Ridgid R22002, UNLESS you build your own meticulous z axis, which is highly recommended OR you can buy a “real dedicated” z axis from maker made or

there are a lot of issues with hacking a z axis onto the r22002 anyways and many upgrade latter on. so it is a blessing in disguise really. Not worth the frustration and time trying to get a router’s lead screw to work as the z axis.

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would have been nice to know that upfront . Thank you Maker Made

I’ve been using my machine for a few weeks now, without the Z-Axis (while I wait for parts from China). It’s not too bad, I managed to do a few projects. Ground Control will pause and prompt you each time there’s a Z adjustment to do. You just have to tweak your CAM so it doesn’t generate useless Z movement.

My 1st project had engraving in it. Way to many Z axis moves to do without. I am designing an axis using needle roller bearings and a SHCS. Will let people know how it works. Maybe have em for sale in the US!