Ridgid R2911 Router

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has used the Maslow with a Ridgid 2911 router and to what success.


I haven’t used this model, but it looks very similar to the R2200 that I have. The depth adjustment looks very much like.

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Are you in Canada @Tripp_Holden? I got the plunge/fixed base package from Home Depot and the router is working for me with the z-axis attached.


I did some googling and the R2911 only shows up in the Canadian Home Depot, and only in an R2200 comment on Ridgid’s site. I thought this came up before but can’t find it in the forum search, perhaps it was the old forum?

Is this in the Wiki? Phone or I’d check

I’m in the US, purchased the 2911 from my local Home Depot. I don’t think they produce this model anymore, which is a little disappointing since I only purchased it last year for my home renovation projects. I haven’t found reference anywhere on the forums, will have a look at the wiki to see if anything exists. The two routers do seem similar in build so hoping it will work with minimal modification.

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Rigid has so many different versions of basically the same tool. I have both the R2200 and the R2900 and the differences between the two are very minimal. I use the R2900 because I like the collet system it has better.

From Google image searches, it looks like your version is pretty close to the R2200, but comes with a plunge base too. The plunge base is nice, so you could take the router off the machine and be able to still use the tool.

The fixed bases look identical, which means that the Z-axis mounting process should be a breeze.

EDIT: Here’s a review of the tool from woodgears. The first image I think is a pretty good picture of the router and all the accessories. Does this match your router?

Hi Maynard! That looks like my router for sure. The 2911 doesn’t come with the plunge base, I think that is the 2930. It does seem very similar to the 2200, hoping this will work out! I’m completely new to CNC and trying to decide on a machine and hoping to reduce my initial investment by using my existing router. More and more I am leaning towards the Maslow. Thanks for the input!

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The Maslow is a great machine to learn on. Really any kit-built CNC is going to give you a wealth of knowledge on how it works simply because you had to build it yourself. I am a CNC programmer and operator for a large cabinet shop and I learned a lot from my Maslow! In turn, it’s helped me become a better programmer for my job.

Although the Maslow beats other kits in the price tag region, I still think of it as a machine that’s under development. There are a few areas that we’re still working on improving here in the forums. I feel like every update we’re addressing those problems in leaps and bounds, so it’s only a matter of time before this machine is performing at least at the level of other hobby CNC router kits.

That being said, right now it’s definitely a functioning machine and I find it to be good enough for a lot my needs. I’ve made jigs and fixtures, cabinets, aluminum panels, and a stool with mine with a bit of fussing and testing. If you look through the projects category, you will see tons of work that is really impressive.


I bought a R22002 from Home Depot in Miami, Florida.
The box says R22002.
The router motor holder is Model: R2911 and the motor is Model: R2901

If you throw away the box and the manual you wouldn’t know.
The description on the manual says: