Router "motor" (for router table) suitable?

All, very new here, and trying to sort out a reasonably easy router for the M2 setup here in Australia, which is not as straight forward as I dreamed. Anyway, I found this “round router motor” and wondered if that might be suitable - I’m guessing the z-axis kit is really only a motor that is meant to drive a worm gear or similar to utilise whatever adjustment the router might have, and so this “just motor” wouldn’t be at all suitable… unless someone has any insight they can offer?

Much thanks…

That or anything like it would work fine. You may have to get a custom router mounting bracket depending on the router diameter.

That price is crazy. I bought my Skil router with variable speed and LED lights on the bottom for $89 here in the states (others are even cheaper like the Makita 701). Does Australia not believe in affordable routers?

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It’s a daily struggle… the Makita - Makita 710W Trimmer And Router - Bunnings Australia
…at this rate, it’s starting to appear the router part of the whole setup will cost almost as much/more than the m2 kit itself!

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