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Choice of router: Makita or Bosch?


After building the frame I started to work on the router and discovered that my router, a Bosch pof 1400 needs some adjustments concerning the z-axis and handles. I came over the Makita rt0700c router and I wonder if that would be a better alternative.

The cable is on the top (not connected to a handle) and the handles are easily removed (4:22). It also has a fine adjuster (4:24) and here comes my question. Is this fine adjuster something that would work with the z-axis motor? The machine is also 710 W. Is that enough power to make it work properly with the Maslow? Or does that not matter?


Welcome to the Forum!
The short answer to both is YES, to can come up with a system to use ‘fine adjuster’ and the 710W power is enough.

If you consider this router, take a look at The-Meticulous-z-axis and z-axis modificated and Yet-Another-Z-Axis-Mod.
You could save time save time to invent a connection, the motor would sit on the side next to the vac i guess.
Keep us posted what you come up with please. A nice router that is also used with shapeoko.

Kind regards, Gero


z-axis modificated 2.url (119 Bytes)

Do you know if this is able to be purchased? I was looking at the BOM when checking but is the buy button generic in the community garden?
Also do you know who would know if it fits in the ring?
This thing looks more promising for me, that’s all :slight_smile:
@Wilco , great questions and blessings on getting all the answers you need!


I guess you should have a couple of printing services in the US where you can send the files and get it printed.
The forum post is here: Yet Another Z Axis Mod


Thanks @TheMerryYeoman.