Router noise level

I am debating between the Rigid R22002 and the Dewalt 611. Anyone have experience with both, and can say if the Dewalt is any quieter, or about the same?

I expect that the noise level will be more affected by the dust collection and
the bit selection than the motor on the router.

David Lang

… did I remeber correct you are looking to buy the metal maslow? In that case the Ridgid might be not the right choice as to heavy! I have the European AEG, which is similar, but will use a SUHNER spindel ( which I bought at around € 200, once the metal maslow arrives, as the center of gravity is at the lower part compared to the Ridgid …

I am considering it, and will probably go with the Dewalt 611 if I get the MetalMaslow sled.
I haven’t really looked into spindles. Don’t know enough about them. But I like I can use the router on its own, without the CNC, also.

Just ordered my MetalMaslow sled. Going to wait a week or so to order the Dewalt 611. This time of year sales on Dewalt tools are quite common.

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I have the 611 in my xcarve. It is similar to the ridgid motor in volume, but depends on the speed of the bit. Also David is correct…the loudest part of my systems is the dust collection!

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