Router not moving close enough to cut material

I am attempting to calibrate my Maslow. I have connection to the z axis because when I test the motors the router moves. At this point when I go to do calibration, the sled moves to the first position without issue, then when it goes to cut first point, the router move towards the cutting surface, but not enough to actually cut anything. It moves towards the surface slightly as if to cut but doesn’t, then moves away and onto the next point area of calibration. Thoughts??

Did you zero your bit before doing the calibration? Was it flush with the cut surface and then zeroed? When you move the z axis, does it move the distance you expect -> can you move it up and down 10 mm and measure that it actually moves that far?

I’m wondering if your zero is offset too high or if your movement scaling is off so it isn’t moving as far as it should. Either one can be fixed, but it would be best to only fix the one that is the issue.

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