Z-axis Up and Down not the same

Hi folks,

I’m working with calibrating my Metal Maslow and have a problem. First, the z-axis was moving WAY more distance than I asked, but found the thread about setting the z-axis pitch and that has it moving a more “reasonable” distance when I ask for it. Not perfect, but a value of around 12-13 is working in place of the 3.17 (I think) that it originally had, However, when I ask the z-axis to go up, it goes a slightly different (shorter) distance than when I tell it to go down. At this point, it is about 1/8 of an inch. I can make it do it very easily by doing the z-axis calibration step and then just hitting “Set Zero” multiple times. As it moves the router up and down, it starts pushing the sled off the level.

Any thoughts on what I should look into?


Unplug and plug back in both ends of the Z cable. If that doesn’t help check all linkage parts between the z-axis motor and the router.

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Thanks, @JohnC. It was a loose set screw allowing the z-axis drive to shift.


set your pitch to 8

What router are your using?
Did you put a bungee or some rubber bands on the router to make up for the slop in the worm gear situation?

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Hi @Blazman. It was a loose set screw allowing the worn drive to move when it shouldn’t have.