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Router Recommendation (Australia)


You are welcome @stuartri

I don’t have direct contacts with youtube reviewers, but maybe we should head over to someone like AvE’s channel and Throw back some dyslectic engineering speak that get’s his attention and then see if that get’s him into the mood to pull a few routers apart… :smiley:

He even disected his 100k youtube subscribers award and gave that a honest review. The guy has a few rough edges around his sound outlet, but he really knows his hardware. And… it wouldn’t hurt to mention the word Maslow on a channel with 100k subscribers… But that’s not the main reason. We really need some good insights into the z-lift options that are out there.

I know AvE has a Etsy account, sou that might be a sneaky way to get in touch with him?

There arn’t that many people who crack open machines. And even less who know the real difference between good and bad or are at least willing to figure it out…

And indeed we can also do out own reviews and add the winners to the wiki.

I like your additions to that template!

What if i Make a Google site for this? (that could make it more searchable, and enable us to collect more data off-site so that we can collect the BEST data in the wiki and still have all the other data available somewhere in googles domain…


Become a patreon and you’ll be a lot more likely to get his attention. He gets massive numbers of requests to review things. Send him the router instead of expecting him to buy it and you’ll get an even better, but not guaranteed, response


Just an update on the router that I linked earlier, the vendor has come back to me and confirmed that it is indeed a fixed base router and that the height adjustment works by way of 3 hex bolts that when rotated one whole turn will raise or lower the router by 0.8mm. They also said that there’s 3 types of milling/cutting depth.

I think I might bite the bullet and pick one of these up to have a closer look at it. I’ve only just ordered my Maslow Kit so won’t be able to test it for a few months but I can take some photos and pull it apart to see how it works.

I will report back once I know more!

Thanks again for everyone’s input on these forums, I’ve learnt so much here already!




Thats probably 3 plunge stages, thats handy for manual tasks, but you won’t be using these on the maslow.

Looking forward to those photo’s!


They might be stops that only work when you push the body down to them, not dynamic adjustments. Keep us posted


Good find Benji - definitely need to look into the viability.

This product could be the key to making the z-axis kit work on a large variety of routers without having to home-brew individual solutions for each router make. By making the z-axis kit compatible with the “router raizer” it would result in all of the routers that are compatible with the raizer automatically compatible with the kit including plunge routers (no more having to buy a dedicated router)!

At around AU$140 it’s worth the investment… So… who has a maslow with z-axis kit that can be our guinea pig?


As I see it, the Z axis kit will work with this as long as you get the right
shaft coupler to attach the motor to the shaft

you may have to fiddle with the mounting brackets (in different ways for each
router, depending on where the motor needs to go)

But this is just like every other router lift.

I would suggest contacting the router raizer folks and ask them about adding a
motor to their device, and they will probably be able to give you all the


I have been able to get my hand on the Fixed base version of the Bosch Router through my Contact at Bosch . It was purchased today and expect to receive it mid next week.

The key was the bosch internal part number listed below. All resellers said we could not get it but here it is and it was actually in AUS already.

PN 1600A001CJ GKF 1600 (Copy Base for GOF 1600)

This is the accessory to the GOF 1600 CE Router.

I wanted to get the base first before I committed to the full unit as they are not cheap but did get bunnings to get a great price but through their special orders.

I am expecting delivery next week so will post some pictures and a video to the group that will allow us some more scrutiny on the unit and whether it is a viable option or not.

Kind Regards Stuart


To all,
I have just received the Bosch fixed base for the GOF 1600 CE router.

I have attached pictures of the unit below and note that you can remove the knobs easily to expose a coupling point to the z-Axis.

I will try and confirm the screw pitch as a followup. Hope the pictures are of assistance.

My Z axis motor is on its way so the next step is to couple it to the fixed base to confirm operation then I will purchase the router motor module that plugs into the fixed base.

Total travel on the fine adjust is documented as 41mm I will confirm

Kind Regards Stuart


First off, loving Maslow CNC, this thing is cool but after seeing all this “Maslow in Aus” issues, panicked a bit as thought wouldn’t be able to use z axis.
Found and bought this for $139 at NT Tools in Darwin, was the last one in store.
The handle, that the tag is attached, manually raises and lowers the router via a threaded rod.
While it is a bit different from the official Maslow used router in that you turn the handle pulling router down the static thread as opposed to turning the threaded rod.
The handle itself is almost decorative, is has small pins that engage a turnable ring (just visible below rubber band) that rides up and down threaded rod.
I haven’t tried it yet but I think I should be able to make an attachment that goes over the threaded rod and attaches to the ring to control z axis,
could mount a gear on the ring and a gear on the z axis motor and drive it directly.

as I am using it manually at the moment, when ground control say adjust depth to -5mm I just wind the handle in.
Since the ring has to be turned as opposed to the thread, I am guessing I will have to mount z motor to router.

Adjustment on 5mm router bit allows 20mm of travel, plenty to get though 18mm ply but could probably get more with router but pulled out a bit more.

Sorry for long and maybe confusing first post.


No issues at all. The more tested operational routers we get up an running with Z-Axis in Aus the better as it gives future Maslow customers plenty of options to choose from.

The reason we started this thread was that most of the feedback was coming from other regions and little Aus presence and the preferred router is not an option in Australia so we are looking for tested alternatives. You will see from this thread a number of different routers are being tested. Hopefully we will have a few systems up and running leaving plenty of options for new users.

Kind Regards Stuart


I really hope those fantastic people testing the Aussie routers out are having some wins. Amazing efforts so far and how good are these forums! I’m sure there are plenty of others like me eagerly waiting for a solid, z axis friendly recommendation, staying well tuned into this thread, thanks!


Hi Borderline from near Barnawartha; I pulled the pin on a Maslow to be shipped in Feb and glad to find this thread as I own three routers and all appear unsuited to the Z-axis kit and whilst trying to find a solution to this frustration. I found this video on YouTube of a universal router by ‘the micro lab’ youtuber. It appears that the lift shown might easily be adapted (inverted) into a sled, work with the pantograph & Z-axis kit using a conventional plunge router such as a Ryobi from Bunnings. I found this tread really helpful looking forward to chatting with community members and reading about 240v builds and projects.


Ok that’s cool :smiley:

The plunge base spring would take care of the backlash and there’s lots of room to mount the z-axis drive. The class 2 lever arc math might be fun, but it’s in a small section of arc. I’m pretty sure the math is simple compared to the x-y math to make the router bed move accurately.


Is that a bosch POF 1400 ACE?
What gear ratio is in a drill? It seems just about the right speed to make the z-lift work


Mate I have no idea what router he is using - just thought the method was interesting because it doesn’t modify the router in any significant way.


I think the two lever arc math is a furphy and not relevant because every router has different height and plunge range. The thread of the screw and it’s relationship with the z-axis rotation ultimately govern that axis. It could be related to the maths used in 3D printers where threaded rods are used (the key difference is that stepper motors are not used but the maths is related and adaptable.


Update on Z-Axis kit for Bosch Fixed base for GOF1600CE

I just received my Z-Axis Kit today and so fare so good. Clearance looks good and I have some rotational freedom to adjust the mounting point to the base of the sled without encroaching on the extraction module.

I chose the 8mm shaft coupler and seems to fit like a glove (Thank God). I am going to connect the Z-Axis up and post a video hopefully today if all goes well. Then the final test will be to purchase the Motor insert and retest so getting close now

Until then here are some pictures of the Z-Axis installation from today

Kind Regards Stuart


how far will it move (total Z axis travel)?


The GKF 1600 CE fixed base router has total travel of 41mm in addition there are 3 notches for course height set with 12.7mm spacing between notches.

I think that this is more than adequate for cutting plywood but still need to validate with testing which I will post as well.

Hope this answers your question.