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Router Recommendation (Australia)


Hi Stuart,
Can you give a little more details on the special order please; i.e. was it you had to order TWO bits (each PN?) and what was the approx price you got both for?
In Perth I’ve found and looked at the Triton 2400Watt plunge type and the body mounted screw adjuster looks like it will work fine (as at least 1 person in the forums has found). But before I fork out nearly $500 I’d like to see how you went with the Bosch. (My Maslow is scheduled for Feb arrival).


As you will be aware Bunnings price match and beat as part of their standard policy. The router is not something they keep in stock but can be ordered via there special orders section (All you need to do is call the store and they will give you the email address).

They will then send you a quote for the item which you then need to pay for. You can do split payment if you have bunnings vouchers and your credit card if that works. I got Bunnings gift vouchers for Christmas as I knew I was going to purchase the unit.

I was able to get the plunge Bosch Router for $453.63Inc GST noting I purchased the fixed base earlier via my contact at Bosch. You can only get the Plunge version from Bunnings

Hope this helps.

Kind Regard Stuart


Oh OK, so the Fixed Base bit is not available retail in Australia … looks like I have to go with the Triton TRA001B


You can get the fixed base just not from bunnings. I had a contact at Bosch to get the unit direct.

The more different Router working versions we have in Aus the Better.

Kind Regards Stuart


Hey guys, the $150 Bosch POF 1200 AE from Mitre10 works a treat. Gotta remove a bit of plastic to get it to work with height adjust, or you can throw it all in the bin and put a lead screw in to get the full 40mm of adjustment


Hi all, been a passive reader for a while and thought it was time to add my two pence worth!

Here in the UK we have the same problem as Aus and NZ with trying to source a suitable fixed base router.

However it looks like a 110 volt transformer would work with the USA sourced recommended router - cheap and easy to find: 110v transformer

All my mixture of UK, AUS and NZ tools work fine in each country (we move around the world a lot!) so the power supply in each country is similar enough.

As a real bonus the US tools are incredibly cheap compared to the items we get over here, presumably the exchange rate will also be favourable in AUS & NZ as well.

Cheers, Dan


Just saw this as another option for plunge based, looks like good travel… from the pictures.


Hey Stuart, really looking forward to seeing how you went with the Z-Axis kit. Sorry I’ve been AWOL in the conversation, been building a laundry.

Super keen to get a router sorted soon.


just wondering how the z axis works on the router. is the router constantly plunged and locked down, therefore the z axis dial moves the unit up and down. just trying to suss out what router to get in Australia

i checked out importing the rigid from home depot, price about $160us but shipping about$500 so not worth it


Also @NARCO they use that inferior 110V AC which wont work for us


@pyrosrock Yea would have to get a stepdown, but I like the look of the Bosch above from Ned. Going to check out the files/video


That’s fantastic work Ned. Am going to jump on that as it’s a readily available Router across australia/new zealand. I also like the neatness of it as the z-axis is contained with the router and easily dropped off if you want to use it as a normal plunge router!

I may be able to help others print the parts in Nylon on a fancy HP Jetfusion printer that one of my clients has. So if I can get a few people to get in touch with me I’ll get them made based off your files Ned. The benefit of the HP printer is that the output is Nylon and dimensionally much stronger than FDM printed pieces.

So if anyone is interested in going down Ned’s route of the Bosch POF 1200 AE i’ll arrange a batch of the 3D printed parts to be made.


Please send nudes of the router in all its installed glory.


Will do once I get my kit at the end of Feb. I’ll post some pictures of the 3D printed parts when I get them back too. Will do an initial set to test myself.


Nah, we just cut the 240 in half and have more options. Plus we don’t use those strange Australia/NZ plugs that aren’t in the “universal” travel adapter kits. :grin:

Found an unexpected live wire in a ceiling box yesterday, 110 doesn’t hurt as much as 240


Moose Style = Electrician by braille!

Thank you

Edit: You realize the right path it will stop your heart, right? I bet there were a few choice words with your discovery.


Apologies Benji I have not been on much of late as just back at work after heart surgery and been buggered most nights. I will see I can post something this weekend.

Kind Regards Stuart


That’s why you’re supposed to keep one hand in your pocket. 10ma iirc.

Seen the consequences first hand, an older electrician that must not have remembered to lockout a cabinet. Still bothers me 15 years later, at one point I was weighing electrician vs EE and it could have been me. It was hard telling the first responders to stop CPR.


CABG? How are you doing?



Glad you’re back - ease into it.

Thank you