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Router Recommendation (Australia)


No worries mate, hope you recover well.
Chat to you soon.



Hey All,
I’ve got my Bosch POF 1200 AE and Ned’s setup is looking positive so far. I’m getting the preliminary Nylon version of his motor mount and collet made this week and I’ve got a costing for making more. They’ll be around $24AU for a mount and collet out of solid nylon. I’ll need to get around 10-30 people on board to get them at that price. They’ll be as durable as hell. Please get in touch with me if you’re interested in getting one of the prints and I’ll organise the batch.


Continuing the discussion from Router Recommendation (Australia):

Hi Benji, I think I’ll go the Bosch POF 1200 AE as I’m trying to keep things as straight forward as possible at this stage (have been considering a Chinese 2.2kw water cooled spindle) Would love put in for a nylon 3D print as it’d be much better than my home PLA printing setup.

In terms of couplings, which coupling would work with the above setup? I’m waiting on the March 2018 shipment and would be great to know I’ve ordered the right one (have ordered the 3/8 inch not knowing what I’d actually end up with). Can’t find any straight up info online.

Cheers, Ben (Newcastle, NSW)


Hey Ben, I’d go and have a look at this discussion:

I’ve been busy with work so I haven’t been keeping up. I am going to see how things progress there. Sounds like at the moment that the ring for the sled may be too small with the Bosch POF 1200 but there seems to be moves to make a larger ring (with some performance consequences). I’d follow that thread.


Hey Benji, id be interested in jumping on this bandwagon if i didnt miss it.


Not at all. Was waiting to see how Ned was progressing then I’ll arrange a batch to be made. By my reckoning we’re after about 7-8 sets at the moment.


Yep, I’m still in on that Benji. Could you put me down for a nylon motor mount please if poss?


Yep absolutely.
You’re on the list mate. :wink:


Ditto Benji - I’d still be super interested in a set!

Out of interest have you considered getting them fabricated out of HDPE rather than nylon? I only ask as I recently switched all our nylon components to HDPE at work as it’s more readily available (cheaper) and generally hardier than nylon…


If you were still waiting on 10+ I would like to throw in too?


Fore sure mate. OK cool. I’ll go and get the costs for the people we have and get back to everyone. If everyone can DM me with their contact details I’ll work out postage costs etc too.


ive sucked at uploading the files. They are on thingiverse now though and seems to fit pretty well on my router with the standard maslow coupler (though my coupler isnt 8mm so couldnt test it out properly)


Thanks Ned, appreciate the update. I’ll get a Nylon sample printed first and see how it fits and report back to everyone later in the week.


Hey @bar, I was wondering whether it’s possible to get the mount for the Rigid router separately from the router motor itself in the US? All the trim routers (as they seem to be called in Australia) are of course based around the same diameter. So if we can get hold of a router mount like the rigid in bulk then we would be able to use any router motor available in Australia, NZ, Europe without massive modification.

In the meantime I’m going to get in touch with Rigid and AEG in Australia and see whether it’s possible to get hold of a router or the router mount in bulk.

Update: Looks like we’re looking for the Ridgid router base R2911 or R2910

I’m still banking on the Bosch POF 1200 AE, but given the possible issues with the ring system and/or permanently modifying the router I’m looking at backup plans.


It looks like (after doing a little more reading) that while most router motors on the market are 3.5 inch or 88.9mm but the Ridgid is 92mm in diameter as noted by this chap. So while the router base might work at a pinch it looks likely that we’d end up with not enough grip on a standard sized router.

I think I might make a trip to some tool shops with with a set of calipers and report back.
Have shot off an email to both Ridgid in the US and Ridgid in Australia. Will let people know if I hear anything back from plan B.


the rigid router is not a trim router, and it’s not the same diameter as most
other routers in it’s class (3 5/8 instead of 3 1/2 or something silly like

Since bar doesn’t sell the router, he has no in on getting the bases for it


The base isn’t very useful unless your selected router motor has the same height adjustment mechanism machined into it.


Yeah I wasn’t expecting him to sell it more enquiring initially to see whether the base gets sold separately at all. It obviously doesn’t and like both you and I have said above it’s an odd ball size. Which really means that there is only the Bosch GOF1600CE fixed that @stuartri has gotten hold of that’s a similar form factor to the Ridgid and available by special order in Australia. Maybe I’ll get in contact with them too.


Apologies Benji, as previously noted I have not been on here for a while as still recovering after heart surgery but getting better.

Do you want me to contact my friend at Bosch and see if we can get a few of the fixed bases in. I have already posted pictures with the Z axis mount on it with no clearance issues.

Let me know and I can try to assist.



Hey Stuart, glad to hear you’re recovering well. Thanks for replying so quickly, am very grateful for the time taken mate.

Yeah that would be ace if you could get in touch with your friend at Bosch. I’m definitely interested. I have a sneaking suspicion that the Bosch POF 1200 might make things difficult. But we’ll see when the kits arrive.