Router skipping out of groove for height adjustment

I got all the way through calibration and went to cut the final sled and at the first drill hole i heard a click. The router (Ridgid R220002) had jumped out of the groove that allows it to travel up and down the height adjustment screw that the z axis is mounted to.

The problem is, if I tighten the collar, the motor won’t move the z axis. If I loosen it enough to allow the motor to spin, it jumps out of the groove and the router no longer moves up and down. I’ve made crazy small adjustments to the collar, but no dice.

Someone please tell me I’m doing something stupid here. This is ridiculously frustrating.

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Can you take a look at this thread? Z Depth + Ridgid Problems [RESOLVED] I think I went through something very similar and had awesome help to resolve it.


That looks like exactly the problem I’m having. I’ll give it a shot. Thanks!