How to mount Bosch POF 1200 on sled

Hi there,
when the assembly guide talks about how to attach the router to the sled in “Step 3: Attach router” I was trying to figure out how to do this with the Bosch POF 1200. Do I have to get longer screws? Or do I drill holes into the bottom plate of the router and put screws through those into the sled? How has everybody else done it? I could not find anything in the forum. Any pictures appreciated. Cheers Lars

You could check what I’ve done:

Struggled a bit with it and still have to do the final sled.

If you have an other way, could you please share? I’m very interested!

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Awesome. 20 mm / 16 mm M4 bolts - thats it. Thanks for the hint. The other part I was worried about was the Z-axis popping out. Your post confirms this. Looks like I have to take apart the Bosch one more time :slight_smile: