Salt Lake City HELP

I got the Maslow thinking " I am man, machine is no match". Turns out, im barely smarter than a router.

Is there an expert in the SLC, UT vacinity willing to help a guy out on a free weekend? Lunch provided, compensation if needed.



have you watched the youtube set up videos?


I can’t claim to be an expert and had to ask some dumb questions from guys here but i did get mine up and running. I’m in stockton near Tooele

I should probably be more specific. I have tried several times, but cannot seam to get through the calibration process. Additionally, two weeks ago I tried to load the update and that threw things off even more. I was trying to setup the chain under sprocket but it would still run as over sprocket. My Z axis stopped working as well.

Today I am going to wipe my computer of ground control and try to re install, im thinking I did the update incorrectly.

So did you ever get it working?