Calibration help in Northern Il/Southern WI

Alright, I have the frame built, the electronics attached, and I am willing to buy lunch for anyone local who can help me calibrate this thing. When I hit the center the sled button, it raises up to the top bar and stays there. When I tried to do the test cuts, it just remains in place. Is there anyone local willing to come take a look at this?


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Welcome, Patrick! I really liked reading your message :smile: because I know where you are in your Maslow journey and you are not alone. It took me about six attempts to get through the calibration successfully the first time! Honestly there are a lot of nuances to learn. I’m in Indy and I wish I had time to run up there and give you a hand in person. What I can do is make a few suggestions:

  1. The wiki category is your friend. Read all of them, starting with “How To: Get Calibrated!” Wiki, if you haven’t already. Might also be worth wiping everything and start over with the wiki; it clarified so much for me.

  2. In-person help - If you are in the Chicagoland area, I’m pretty sure there are a couple of people that are fairly close to you. Take a look at this cool map thread and see if you can connect, in the real world, with the folks closest to you.

  3. Online help - Of course, please do read and vigorously search this forum :slight_smile: . I am continually amazed at the depth of knowledge of the members and find that anything I’ve encountered has already been asked and answered. Having said that, there is so much good information it can be hard to filter and it can often be easier and faster to just ask. When asking for troubleshooting help, details and pictures of your machine like: Motor spacing (10’, 12’’ ?), motor height above work piece, sled type and the “groundcontrol.ini” file, located in your user documents folder, provide necessary context.


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