Scaling of GCode

It looks like gcode G51 is used to set the scale of gcode, but afaik, the firmware doesn’t implement it. To make scale adjustments, is the only thing you need to do is multiple the coordinates (x, y, i and j) by the scale value? I suspect it might not work with i and j, so that’s why I ask.

I think it actually would work, but I am not sure about that. My instinct is that you should be able to scale that way

yes you can scale g-code by just multiplying the coordinate values by a fixed amount.

But multiplying all the values by 2 is not going to give you a resulting part that’s twice as big as the first one. This is because the g-code path takes into account the bit that you are using (part of the CAM step)

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Yep, that makes sense… as there’s no info in the gcode that specifies what size bit was used, there’s no real way to post process it. And even if there was, you’d have to redo all the pockets…

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