SheetCam post prossesor


Is there enyone here that uses SheetCam to generate G-code?I want to know which post prossesor you use that works with maslowcnc.Or generaly which post prossesor you use with any other cam.I cant use Makercam to generate gcode .The parts i cut are always out of scale.

I think the answer to SheetCam is no, since nobody answered you last month.

If all you’re having is scaling problems then you have a couple choices. In MakerCAM select the part (or just select all), then go to Edit, then scale selected using the appropriate correction. Otherwise have your CAD (or graphics) program generate SVG files at 96 px/inch (aka ppi). That’s fixed (as in unchangeable, not repaired) in MakerCAM, afaik you can’t change it there short of editing the source and rebuilding it…

Yep, it’s a strange number, plus not metric. Worse, they recently changed the default in Inkscape from 90 to 96 ppi (although you can easily change that yourself). They didn’t ask anyone here, or the MakerCAM author, first.

You actually can change the settings in makerCAM also by clicking Edit -> Preferences


Changing that to 96 fixed the issue for me when using inkscape

Yes I use SheetCam for generating my g code for the Maslow… works very well.