"Scrap" Art or just too active of an imagination

I have been working on the Meticulous Z upgrade and was cutting the “skeleton” of the plywood sheet up for disposal. The “skeleton” is what I call what is left after I cut out what I want from the full sheets.

My new sled as I wait for the hardware to arrive.

I came across the following pieces after cutting up the skeleton for disposal (cuts were made purely by chance).

Do you see what I see?
(Looks like a Minion to me…)

Here is the minion with a city skyline behind him.

Thought I would share…


I see firewood, lol.

My favorite is all the shapes left in the spoil board after you cut through the wood. I consider those in the accidental art category for sure!


I just saw this house decoration :grinning:


The shroud attached to the base in yellow, what is that? Was it printed in a 3d printer? I’m looking to modify the Z axis with a C channel addition and was trying to not have to do away with the Riged dust collection feature as my design does away with the router base.


It is the meticulous z dust hood which I 3D printed.

Thanks, that is what I thought.