Calibration problems using makerverse

Anyone have problem with the Scaling function for the X axis? when I input expected and actual measurements it changes my $85=… to 25. which then sends my board nuts and off the workspace. I have had to manually go in and play with the setting in $85 to get it to work. But here is my other question. I’ve calibrated my center to right 20" and its spot on. I’ve calibrated my center to left X axis and it is spot on,BUT when I go out another 20" to the left the measurement is off almost 3/4" of an inch. Same with my Y axis, center to top 10" perfect, but center to bottom is 9 3./4". I don’t know what to do or what is wrong. Appreciate any help!

get makerverse 1.1.2 and go through the calibration procedure.

Thanks Orob,

Thats what I’ve been using however I’m confused when I go to the Maslow/cnc web site and look at updating the firmware its telling me to load the Arduino IDE software… ???

Hey Orob,

I just checked and it looks like I don’t have the latest version. I don’t see where I can get that. this is my only option.Capto_Capture 2020-11-15_09-55-15_AM

FYI that version is what Makermade is suggesting to use on their web site… and they provide a direct link to this site and this old version. When I did a search I found the version you suggested 1.1.2 on Github. Thank you!

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Now having problems setting up M2 in Adrinio. I do not see any board called Andrino Duo. Once again I’ve hit a wall. Getting this error… “default_xKp’ was not declared in this scope”

see here.

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Thanks Rob however I did not use the mega board setting, I used the Arduino Duoe (Programing Port)… I also disconnected by bluetooth doggle from my other usb port. I read that that could cause problems. Somehow I successfully uploaded to my board. Big question??? Why does my screen Makerverse look different than yours?

That arduino guide was intended for both boards depending on which one you have. You made it sound like you hadn’t installed the due board in the IDE and rather than explain it again, I just sent the link.

The answer as to why your screen is different than mine: I recorded the videos and made the guide when I was using the 1.1.1 beta versions, not the latest 1.1.2 version and I ran out of nice warm weather to film in the garage, so that is where it lays. Maybe someone else will carry the torch and update it for the masses who will follow. After having used both the due and the Mega, I’m not convinced the due provides any extra value and has so far been shown to be more prone to cable and board connection issues. The real upgrade everyone needed from the classic was the linear bearing and lead screw z axis now available from a couple sources.

Sounds like you are up and running?

I hear ya Orob. Thank for you help on this. Now that I have this new version of Makerverse there are no directions on how to use it. I can’t find how to reset the home position like was on the old version. Do you know? Also how do I check to make sure my chain is equal distance after I have already marked the chain from my calibration procedure? I walked away from the machine for one second and the cable bound up and shut me down during calibration. I want to check to make sure my chain didn’t jump a sprocket. Appreciate your help. I’m SO CLOSE to finishing this horrendous setup. Thanks

watch the video linked in this makerverse how to.

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Great video. The one part I’m hung up on is the step where I should be able to confirm that the sprockets are sitting at 12. There doesn’t seem to be a way to make an adjustment to ensure that happens or to do an initial alignment of the motors/sprockets.

Am I missing something?

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