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Maslow Jumpstart Kit running on Makeverse 1.1.2

Hello guys, I confess that I had a little trouble making my Maslow work and I was doing a little tutorial for myself so that I don’t forget everything I did and in case I buy another Maslow in the future. And I decided to share it here with anyone who might be interested as I solved some initial problems. Perhaps what I will say here will be repeated, but I will try to describe step by step everything I did. I had a lot of help with the posts here on the forum and the MakerMade group on Facebook and I would like to give back a little. So, let’s go!

Note: Sorry for grammatical errors, but I’m using google translator to translate from Portuguese to English and I’m also sorry for using words that are not very technical, but my knowledge in programming is basic.

Details of my configuration:

STEP 1 - Makeverse

Install the Makeverse V1.1.2 software (Thanks @zaneclaes for this link :pray:) - HERE

This is the file I downloaded - makerverse-app-windows-1.1.2.exe

After installing it you should create a Login, but before starting the software and starting to configure your machine it is good to check if you have the correct Firmware, since this Makeverse will only work if you have them. So, let’s wait a bit and move on to the next step.

STEP 2 - Checking and installing the Firmwares

Okay, if you already have the correct firmware, you can skip this step.

The procedure for installing Firmware V1.26 on your arduino is the same as explained HERE, what changes is that you will install version 1.26.

  • Holey-51.28.hex for calibration firmware (I think that’s for it :sweat_smile:) - holey-51.28.hex

Well … this file made me spend some time until I was able to install it on my arduino. You understand programming well and maybe you can do it a lot faster than me haha. Here is a link that, although I can’t do it on my laptop, is very well explained and can help you a lot (Thanks @Orob for that explanation :pray:) - HERE

The way I manage to do it actually happened when I was already giving up and went for everything or nothing haha. I installed the according to @Orob’s post. And before starting it, I went to his installation folder and looked for the “Firmware” folder. Inside this folder I accessed the Holey folder and I simply deleted the Holey-51.27.hex file and pasted the Holey-51.28.hex file (I don’t know if it’s the best way, but it worked). That done, I started WebControl and it showed a warning about this Holey Firmware. Close this pop-up and go to Actions> Upgrade Holey Firmware and click on that option. If all goes well it will say that the upgrade has been carried out. Ready! Now you have the firmware that Makeverse needs to run.

Software WebControl (Thanks again @madgrizzle for this link) -

This @Orob’s video can help with installing WebControl on Windows 10 - HERE

STEP 3 - Back to Makerverse

Now that we have updated the Firmware, we can continue the Makeverse configuration. Start Makeverse and login. When entering, you must choose your machine (these options were really cool @zaneclaes). I chose your machine, the type of sled, the serial port and then click on “connect”. If all goes well you will see a screen with the last image.

Now you will start the calibration in fact. There are several videos and posts about it, but one video that I watched and helped me a lot was this (Thanks again @Orob) - HERE

Three things that I did and that worked on my machine:

  • If your Z motor does not work during calibration using Makeverse, first try to check the entire wire connection, but if it still does not work try disconnecting the Makeverse and connecting the WebControl and moving the Z axis through it. It worked for me and then I went back to Makeverse and the Z was working normally.

  • Be careful not to confuse but I think the distance between engines and the height of the engines is measured differently on the M2. I don’t know if this is specific to M2 with arduino Due or for another reason, but put the measurements from the center of the sprocket to Maslow - Additional help here

  • What I changed in my frame was just to put a spring and another quarter spring in place of the bandcords. I believe that most of the friends here should only use one spring, but I was a little afraid of exceeding its size and ended up cutting another piece and attaching it to the other spring. And the distance where we attached the end of the chains I changed from 8 inches to 14 inches, because before I was following the M2 step-by-step manual that I got on the MakerMade website. You do not need to do this, but I put it here just for additional information.

The spring I used was this one (I don’t remember the names of friends who indicated the use of this spring to give credit :worried:. I saw it on the Facebook group and here on the forum too) - 9/16 in. x 16-1/2 in. Zinc-Plated Extension Spring

Well … I hope to help a little with this information because I know that it is frustrating and difficult when we can’t start cutting soon. Now I’m going to my first projects! :pray:


Great write up! Thanks a bunch.

Though, I’m working on a major upgrade for Makerverse right now (1.2.0), so a lot of screenshots will need to be updated in a few weeks :wink: One thing I’m really hoping to accomplish is “in-app” firmware upgrades. I know a lot of people get stuck installing the Arduino firmware, and I’m working on making it so that Makerverse can fully configure your machine based upon your selections, even installing the correct firmware.


Thanks! Those updates will be very nice and make it easier to set up.