Setting up ground control

I have tried many combinations of calibrating and setting up the ground control software but to no avail. I was wondering if anyone else has had trouble using/setting up the software and the process you went through to get it working properly!

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The last 2 years there have been many reports about difficulties with setting Maslow up.
I guess most where solved buy narrowing down to where it gets ‘stuck’.

Informations about your setup and how far you reached is requested to initiate support.

we have gotten the correct calibration parameters but where we get stuck is setting the chain lengths and getting the correct zero position.

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Do you have a ~10ft or ~12ft motor distance?
Edit: ‘slack chain’ on the side or over the top?

it is a 10 ft motor distance

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and it is over the top

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So you reached in calibration until mounting the sled, but can’t cut the ‘test-cuts’ because the chain length is wrong?

yes exactly

Do you have the ring-kit?

ring kti?

How are the chains mounted to the sled?

oh, yes we have the ring kti

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Let me just play through the calibration to recall the steps a few min.
Will get back to you.

ok. Thank you very much for your time

2 more :slight_smile:

  • is this GC and FW 1.25?
  • is this the first calibration?

Edit: GC GroundControl, FW Firmware on the arduino

yes this is the first calibration. im not sure what you mean by FW?

So you have chosen -> ‘Triangular’ and ‘Bottom Feed’ and went past the ‘Looking Good’ window and are here?

What happens when you set the chains as in the picture and click ‘Adjust Left Chain’?

so we go through the process and set the chain lengths and then we press move to zero and it goes crazy and moves it all the way to the bottom of the work space and then tells us it doent recognize our chain lenghts

Have you tried skipping the ‘Move to centre’?
Check if you can upload the groundcontrol.ini from your ‘user folder’ as a new user please.

Ok. I will try that and let you know. Thanks a lot.