Setup for cabinets

I can get my maslow to cut signs fairly accurately. But I can’t get it to cut cabinet sides accurately.

For example
I cut a panel 24x41.25in and maslow cut it 23.5x40.75in and the shape ended up bowed outwards.

Gcode is fine

I am hoping this is a config problem. I plan to run a benchmark today.

How can I set my maslow up for cabinetry- or rather for those of you who do cut cabinet’s would you share with me exactly how you setup your system.

this is a calibration problem. We have some people who calibrate once and are
spot-on, and others who try many times and still have accuracy problems. The new
holey calibration approach seems to be more accurate, but is not yet in the
mainline Ground Control and Firmware (you either need to use webcontrol which
supports it, or the separate GC/firmware)

you can go through the calibation again and try to be more precise, or you can
try the holey triangulation calibration and see if that ends up being more
accurate for you.

David Lang