Setup problem on calibration step

Hi, when I go thru calibration wizard a step ask to rotate sprocket so one tooth is at 12 o’clock or pointing straight up. But when I try to rotate it I hear a sound from the motors but the sprockets don’t turn. I have checked my connections from the motors to motor board. I have the motor board 12 v adapter connected

when i hit test motors, they correctly go up and then down

I have heard of others having the same issue, but I have not experienced it myself.

What happens if you use the “rotate 5 degrees” button several times, is there still no movement?

Does closing and re-opening Ground Control help? This issue has come up before, but it always goes away on it’s own before we can figure out what is going on.

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I noticed this on my left motor during calibration. It moves very little if at all when moving CCW.
CW and outside of calibration I have no problems.