Setup recommended for chains and bungee cord

Can anyone help me with setting up my 11 foot chain direction, that they have not had any issues with. BTW this is my very first attempt at setting mine, therefore do not have a clue as to the requirements needed for setup?

are you talking about chain routing and taking up the slack above the motor?

First you need to decide if you are going to put the excess chain above the work area or to the side.

  • If you put the excess chain above the workpiece and zigzag it along the top beam, you will wrap the chains from the sled up around the motor sprockets from the bottom and wrap them up and around the outside of the frame and then up and over to the center of the beam. We call this the “bottom” configuration when you calibrate with the chains to the motor coming off the sprockets on the outside of the sprockets off the bottom. This is often used with the bungee setup or the spring holding the two idler pulleys together so the chains hold each other in place.
  • If you put the chain excess on the outside left and right sides of the work area, then you would thread the chain up over the motor sprocket from the workpiece side of the sprocket or the “top” orientation, up and around the top of the sprocket and have the excess chain stored to the outside of the workpiece. This is often used with a hanging weights and if you have the space to do this, it can be a good option.

see the pictures in the software when you click into actions->calibrate.


This is by-far the best information I have encountered. From here I need to know where the link is to see these pictures you reference in the software? As you may see, I am new to this forum and any information is of the utmost help, and I appreciate your help.

I might suggest a quick scan or read of the manual. the pictures are in the webcontrol or groundcontrol system software if you click ACTION and then SETUP. There are some video links in the manual that might be helpful as well. I made one where I show system calibration I think is linked in there too.