Z-axis shaft coupler

I was just starting to enjoy my maslow a lot, and then the router bit would not raise! 3 of the four screws fell out of my shaft coupler. I still need to get a replacement socket set screw to put it back together. I went to my local ACE and the man said it was a #4 metric socket set screw and they didnt carry metric set screws, so i need to order one online and fast.
Just need to know exactly what to buy to replace the set screws

All help appreciated. I will use locktite next time I swear.

This happened to me the other day too! I hadn’t seen it happen before, but then very suddenly all the screws on my shaft coupler started to back out and they did so really quickly. I think there is a sweet spot where the coupler resonates or something and if you hit it just right the screws pop out.

Maybe should add loctite to the kit and make it a recommended step


yes! bar i was hoping to find you here. what is the specific callout for the shaft coupler for the rigid 2200?

:grinning: You know where to find me!

I believe that the motor shaft is 6mm and the shaft on the Ridgid side is 3/8ths inch. The length of the coupler is 30mm but that isn’t a critical dimension

I didn’t make this clear above, but due to my location, i need to order the smaller of the two screws for the shaft coupler, im just not sure what to order.

something like M4x10 socket set screw?

Oh, gotcha I misunderstood!

I’m not actually sure, they come in the couplers. Let me pull one out and check. I’d offer to just send you a new coupler but we are flat out of them.

To be honest you can use the coupler without that smaller set screw. A lot of the designs out there don’t use the second smaller one.

I’m reading mine at 3.5mm so it could actually be an M3.5 which is probably going to be harder to find and you’ll end up with like 99 of them which you will never need again.

My advice is to go without it (one of mine fell out at some point and I never noticed it was gone until now), and if you run into any issues at all let me know and we’ll send you a whole new shaft coupler. It will be easier than you trying to track down that one set screw (unless anyone knows what it is!)


I will take the risk and continue with locktite!


My small socket screw at the z axis junction has been missing for a couple of months. No problems here!


I was surprised to find that home depot and the local hardware store has them in stock. You’ll pay 99 cents for a part that is only worth 1 cent but, you’ll be good to go. Well worth checking out.


I can confirm that I too had to replace a screw in my coupler. It is worth adding locktite, or making sure these are tight periodically.

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I found this Z-axis coupler on amazon and have been using it with good success in case anyone needs a replacement. You do have to crank down on the 10mm side of it but it seems to work find if yours winds up missing like mine did!