Shop Hacks - Do things the easy way!

Thought I would just make a post about hacks in the shop. Why not learn from each other instead of doing things the hard way.

Feel free to share your own.

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Homemade pencil sander.

Materials list:
Shim stock
Small sanding belt
Dowel rid

Cut the angled shim stock to fit the belt’s width, and a little shorter than the length needed. Use a small piece of dowel rod that is slightly tapered as a tightener. Make several, mark the side with the grit and rotate the belt on the pencil as the sandpaper wears out.


Need to CNC both sides of something?
Don’t want to screw it down?
Worried about messing up the detail with hot glue?

Apply masking/painters tape to the side you want to mount down, apply hot glue on the top of the masking tape. And glue to waste board. Masking/painters tape has more give and won’t rip up your detailed CNC job.


Stop paint bleed through by sealing the edge of the painters/masking tape with the same color paint that is under the tape. After the paint dries, paint the new color.

If by chance you have small bleed through a, they can easily be covered by using a tooth pick dipped in paint.

When staining, use a gel stain to prevent bleeding.

I.e. When painting colored stripes on a black board. Tape off the stripes, seal the edges with black paint, once dry paint with the colored paints

In the pic below I am sealing the edges of tape with different color stripes underneath to prep for a new stripe.