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Shopbot PDF: Selecting the Right Bit; Feeds & Speeds Chart

A nice concise explanation of these topics for CNCers, found while googling:


Keep in mind that Maslow feed rates are way slower than the much more expensive Shopbot.

Yep — I’d encourage others to pay attention to the first half of the document, which explains how to calculate Feeds & Speeds (Chip Load) yourself. Then (I believe) you can look at the chart and ignore the IPS & RPM, instead calculating them yourself in order to achieve the same chip load.

Hey, I have been thinking about making a similar document but more relavent to Maslow uses. I have been entering end mill size, number of flutes, ipm, rpm, chip load, depth of cut, material , material thickness and 1 out of 5 rating for the cut into an Excel file. If we could collect enough data from multiple uses we should be able to generate a database that anyone can reference. In this sinerio it would also be really good information if we included brand name and links to the actual end mills that where used. I will admit that I have no clue what I am doing most of the time and I am simply guessing when I set up my machine. Is this something people would be interested contributing to and using?

There’s a wiki page for feeds and speeds here:

There’s also good discussion of feeds and speeds here: Recommended Feed Rates

The consensus seems to be “faster, shallower passes instead of deep slow ones”