Skp file to gcode

How do I convert a skp project to gcode?

Do you have a 2D or 3D design in Sketchup?

If it’s a 2D design, export it to SVG and use something like MakerCAM.

If it’s a 3D design, export it to STL and use something like PyCAM.

I don’t have the sketchup program, this is a project on the community, suko coat hanger that i want to run in ground control but when downloaded it is a skp file.
How can I easily convert it to a gcode, nc, file?

I have not come across a free online conversion or other tool from skp to g-code. Some of a expensive cam software offers gcode import directly (Vectric products like VCarve or Aspire). For free you can only install sketchup and try your luck with installing the plug-in to enable the gcode export.

do you have a link to the exact file you want converted?

Under the Maslow CNC community garden / furniture is the Sutro Tower Coat Rack with a link to download the file.
Thanks for all the help guys.

Don’t know how usable this will be, but here’s the model in stl format.

Export scale was in mm, assuming the actual skp was dimensioned properly

Sutro tower coatrack (270.9 KB)

I tried exporting in dxf, but kept getting random lines everywhere, so stl will have to be sufficient. You should be able to at least recreate it by tracing in your cad program of choice.

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Thanks alot, I will give it a try.