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Mudroom Storage Bench

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Can’t wait to see how it turns out. It’s exactly what I need to build as well.

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Hello - I have downloaded the files which are .stl. I am trying to find a way to convert these to .svg or .nc. Whenever I open the files in some software to try to convert they come up in various lengths (1-2" typically). What method are you using to convert each file (which has multiple parts) into g-code or svg files that I can use with Ground Control? Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated as I am still learning the various CAD software packages.

Hi, so the way I convert it is I use kiri moto in onshape Barr has a decent tutorial on youtube I haven’t had any luck converting stl or svg to gcode, usually if I come across those files, I reCAD it in onshape by eye.

Update as well, it took a year of calibration and mostly procrastinating interrupted by ski season, but it’s finally complete!