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Sled attached to the chain when not in use?



Do you leave your sed attached to the chain when not in use? will this cause the chains to stretch? wondering if you take your sled on after every use?


I don’t take it off, but rest it on the back of a chair, so the chains are ‘relaxed’. I’ve seen others that have a hole in the top middle of the sled and a nail or hook near the top beam, to hang the sled there.


I made parking spot on my rig and have a parking pin. I Park the sled and pin it taking the weight off the chains - Fww

Thank you


I leave mine hanging on the chains (just to give you another option as everybody else that responded seems to have a special rest solution). I have no idea if that effects the performance though.


I do the same! :slight_smile:


For me it’s more of a safety thing. I want to remove the parking break. I want to know the machine is in go mode or no go.

Thank you


Is this the spark that has the power to create a conspiracy fire?
Lets try. Do we know that the motor does not turn, or is this an assumption made out of math calculating the friction of the gears with the result that it will not turn?
What if they do turn? Just so slow that we miss it?
Na, guess there will be not much followers.
For me it’s the temperature difference day/neight/week/season, that expands and retracts the chains. From my not “university spoiled” mind, I would expect the retraction always to be a little lower then the explanation, under weight.


the biggest reason to have a place to hang the sled it to have it out of your
way when you are loading/unloading the material you are going to cut.

David Lang