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Sled Center Hole is 1.5" in Temporary and 3" Final Sled, Why?

I decided to build the “Final Sled” rather than build the temporary sled first as that would take near twice the time. I am a reasonable wood worker and saw no problem build the “Final Sled” first. I made a 18" circle out of a 3/4 inch plywood. I went ahead and drilled the center hold at 1.5" diameter. Then as you do with the “Final Sled” I downloaded the files to CNC the “Final Sled” and then opened up the file: New Sled With Tool Paths.svg in Adobe Illustrator. I printed the drawing to full scale and taped the pages together to get a 1:1 template. I now had a clean template to locate all the additional holes in the sled.

I quickly discovered that the center hole in my “Final Sled” template is 3" in diameter whereas the Temporary Sled instructions tells you to drill a 1.5" center hole.

Does anyone know why the hole sizes are different? Or can I leave the center hole at 1.5" as making it 3" now would be difficult as I have now lost the enter point for my hole saw?

The exact diameter or shape of that hole isn’t particularly important. It just needs to be big enough for the router collet to fit through. That being said the larger 3 inch hole is nice because it allows for a little bit better sawdust extraction and provides a larger viewing area to watch as the cutting happens.

Thanks so much for the explanation.

I plan to drill a larger hole, but being I already have the 1.5" hole centering the hole will be a difficult. If the hole is slightly off center will that be acceptable?

It shouldn’t be an issue other than aesthetically