Sled rotates when moving

I just got the unit setup and am having trouble configuring it. When the sled is at the center of the board, it is level. But when I move it to the upper left-hand corner (x=-700, y=400) the sled rotates clockwise (so the bubble on my level is on the left-hand side). When the sled goes back home, the sled rotates counter-clockwise (so the bubble on the level is now on the right-hand side).

I did the following to find the center of gravity:

  1. Put a piece of PVC pipe under the sled
  2. Moved the sled back and forth until the sled was balanced
  3. Marked a line where the center of the PVC pipe is
  4. Marked a line where the center of the router bit is
  5. Measured the distance between the lines

the sled rotating should not matter, as it should rotate around the bit (as you
are marking the bit position, do it in both vertical and horizontal acis)

part of the purpose of the linkage/ring is to make it so that sled rotation
should not matter.

one way to verify this is to plung the bit into the workpiece, then rotate the
sled by twisting the router, if the hole stays round then tilt is not a problem.
If it doesn’t stay round than either you moved the sled, or the bit isn’t
centered with the linkage

David Lang

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Thanks David. It appears that the base is setup correctly; when I rotate it the router bit does stay in the same location.

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