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3D Printed Chain Guides


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what percent infill did you use?


I printed one side (at 30% infill), and it snaps on nicely, but it runs against the chain adjacent to the sprocket. Also, it’s not clear where the extra screw is, or how to attach the zip ties. I’d like to replicate this but having some trouble.


OK, sorry I didn’t look at all the files in the folder. I see the answers to most of the questions I had. I will try moving the sprocket and see [if/how much] it rubs.


Hey, AgilWulf@GitHub, you earned a Community Gardener badge for this project by winning Project of the Week / Community Gardener for November 28 and December 5, 2018! I don’t know who you are on the Maslow forums, though, so reply here or PM me and I will award your badge.


@jwolter it is @Sean_E


Thanks! :gear:


I printed it on my fmd printer and it works great