Sled Moving Opposite Direction After Migrating Computers and Transferring groundcontrol.ini

Just moved over from my Laptop to a dedicated desktop, but I’m noticing that when I hit the Home button, my sled is moving opposite of what it should be as displayed in the Ground Control software.

This is on MacOS and I also had to update the firmware from v1.17 to 1.19 after migrating and I’ve transferred my groundcontrol.ini file, which seems to indicate everything matched up with the previous computer.

I really hope I don’t have to recalibrate this.

You shouldn’t need to re-calibrate, but my guess is that the .ini file isn’t being found by Ground Control. If you open the settings in Ground Control does it look like all of your old settings are in there? The moving backwards sounds to me like it’s an issue of Top vs Bottom feeding

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Ah. You’re correct something didn’t transfer correctly with groundcontrol.ini

Thank you!