Sledge moving in opposite directions in Ground Control

Hi all,

Greetings from all the way in Namibia!!!

My Maslow has been working fine for quite a while, but today, when launching ground control, my sled is moving in the opposite direction of the function that I press. Also, any Gcode I upload (I currently create my Gcode by uploading SVG’s into Makercam) is completely scewed. The shape displays correctly in Ground Control, but when I start routing, it comes out very oddly shaped.

Not sure where the issue could be, as it was working fine last week.

I use webcontrol but when things are acting bizarre, I usually reboot everything. I also use fake servo mode on a laptop with spare arduino, separately from Maslow to run in simulation mode to isolate any issues.


I’m sorry for the slow reply. Did it start working again? My hunch is that the settings didn’t send to the machine on startup so it forgot it’s settings. Restarting the computer would probably fix it because the settings are sent on startup.