Downer - direction problem

Calibrating with triangular coordinates and stopped process. Now the sled only moves down, when trying to return to home, or using the cursors controls on the main GC.

I had this problem with one of the first versions.

We’ve seen this problem before, there should be some new features in version 1.02 which will prevent that from happening but we might have missed something.

Would you be willing to post your groundcontrol.ini file so we can figure out what happened? It should be in your home directory (C:/users/bar on windows)

The fix in the past has always been to look at the numbers in settings and find the one which makes no sense (like is the rotation radius a negative number?). You can also just delete the groundcontrol.ini file to start fresh

Sorry for the trouble and please let is know if you figure out what the issue was so we can fix it more throughly!

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Thanks Bar,
I went back and recalibrated everything, so whatever is in the ini file has been overwritten. I did notice the values in the GC Settings differed from the values shown at the end of the calibration. Restarting GC fixed that issue. My guess is it is some hinky in the moving of the dimensions from GC to the Arduino. However, the short story major updates you should redo the calibrations.

What started this was the sled dropping to the floor during calibration because I am still using the temporary frame setup.

One suggestion I have is to move the calibration cuts up about 4 inches to allow for the temp frame on the floor.

Finally, the calibration is much improved from the last time I tried it, Kudos!


That’s what the slider does on the right side :slight_smile: It was a recent improvement for that very reason.


Thanks, missed that one.

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