Slide with BUILT IN dust collector.

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Hi how do you like your dust collection sled? any feedback to the design or any thing you would change now that you’ve used it for a while?


I’ve been using the sled with the built-in collection system for three months now. It captures 95% of the dust. I wear a mask, goggles and ear protection when the Maslow is running. There are still dust particles floating around.

The sled is built with one 3/8 plywood between 2 1/4 inch plywood pieces. This creates a 3/8 vacuum cavity which seems to work quite well.

The thickness of the sled is .85 inches or 21.8 mm. An improvement to the design would be to use thinner plywood like 1/8 instead of 1/4. This would allow the Z axis to travel deeper as I am maxing out at .75-.80 inches.

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Neat idea!

Have you thought of adding a ‘Y’ to the hose and putting a second collection port just under the router bit chamber? That might allow you to capture dust/chips that had gone flying instead of being sucked into the main dust collection port.

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Yes I have. I believe there is an adapter available for my old router but I haven’t sourced one out. My plan is to buy a new router eventually…

I’ve turned my attention to noise reduction. Put my vacuum in a wood box and exhaust to the outside of the building. (30-40 % reduction in noise). Makes for happier neighbours.