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Small Business Summit - Earning with you Maslow or MakerMade

Hey everyone,

On October 6th MakerMade is hosting a Small Biz Summit for anyone who currently earns (or would like to earn) income from their Maslow or M2. The goal is to share ideas, tips and tricks, and hyperlinks to each others’ stores ahead of the holiday season. Topics will include:

  • Several testimonials from current sellers on how they got started
  • Etsy selling tips and tricks from special guest “Faytown Designs”
  • Social media advertising practices with MakerMade’s Conversion Manager

MakerMade will also share logos and store links on our site for anyone who wants some free marketing and backlink opportunities. Should be a fun way to help others in the community! To join, simply click the following hyperlink at start time (Wed, Oct 6th, at 6pm EST):

Hope to see you there!