Software Calibration question

I hope to own an Maslow here in the next week or 2. i only plan on building out a 4’ x 6’ work surface vs the 4’ x 8’. my question is, no matter the surface size, if i cut something 12" x 12’ as a test, will i be able to set the machine to cut in a different quadrant as not to waste the 4’ x 4’ piece of material?

if in makerverse, you move the sled and zero the x and y work position. If in webcontrol, you move the home position to use the rest of the board. You have a lot of flexibility. I have a 4x4 system and I’ll cut part of a sheet and then move it and cut the rest or cut remnants. the sled will tip at the edge sometimes, so you either watch for it and hand guide it or you frame around your cut piece so the sled stays level.

4’ x 4’ was/is my original want. so if i was to use a 4’ x 4’ setup could i build a recessed table to line up with the thickness of the material being cut to ensure i can good good edge coverage?

yes, certainly. although most people just use feather or spacer boards in order to provide support to the sled when cutting near the edges of the workpiece. if you only plan on cutting 4x4 stock then you may be able to get away with a smaller machine as well.