Calibration quastion

Hi my maslow works fine, but i hawe some problem maybe with calibration i think. It cut circle. But the center is circle but other plale is not circle. What can i do?

Tell us about your system:

  • Classic controller or due?
  • Ground control, webcontrol, cncjs, or makerverse?
  • How was gcode generated?
  • Standard or extended/reduced frame?
  • Sled type?
  • Calibration method- triangular, std, holey, or edge measured?

Hi it is due controller.
G code its for ease invetables.

A common issue with due users and early makerverse versions is the machine home location at the absolute center of the work piece and not changing that when setting the work home/zero that positions the cut location origin. When you move the sled to set the work origin, did you rehome the sled or did you just zero the work x and work y axes?

My home position is a red spot. but when i cut it seems line off horizont is change.

i set the home before first cut

This is absolutely a classic calibration issue.

Were you able to complete the calibration successfully?

yes but for cuts was wrong

machine home does not equal cutting position home. In the early makerverse versions, it is really easy to move the sled and destroy your calibration by pressing the home button, when you really just want to zero the x and Y work axes

set home. Move the sled to where the origin of your cut is, then press the circled buttons to zero the work position x and work position Y setpoints. Then try your cut.

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Ok i try it and see what happens

My work position was zero. And i set work porsition too zero then cut that you say. My cut nc was 200x200 but in realoty was

you need the newer version of makerverse. Make sure you select Maslow when you set up your machine.

It needs to look like this:

click on the calibration bullseye and follow the instructions and that should fix your size issues

Thank you verry much. I think tomorow i fix that :grin: