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i am wondering if anyone knows if i can use cricut design center software with the maslow machine. the only cutting i will be doing is letters and words.

If you can export the design as an SVG file, then yes. You would have to import the SVG file into a CAM program and create gcode from it (not really hard if all you are doing is letters/words). However, it also depends on the “quality” of the SVG file… sometimes letters come out of programs where nodes don’t line up correctly and you can’t create gcode from them. do you know if you can export to an SVG file from cricut?

edit: from what I can tell, cricut design software won’t allow you to export at all, so the answer is probably no. But there are other software packages that can do letters/words that do export… inkscape as an example.

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yes, all my files on my cricut are SVG files. not sure what you mean about a CAM program and g code?

Well, if you can get them out of cricut as an svg file, you have to open them in a Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) program that will convert the file to machine instructions into gcode that Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machines, like Maslow, can understand. Basically it’s the instructions on how to do the cutting. For simple lines and such (letters, words), it’s not too complicated.

Edit: is an example of an online CAM program that works with Maslow.

okay! thank you so much!

The website you sent me is it supposed to be .com or .org.

Trynna Roberts iPhone

.com or

Although it uses flash, so I don’t think it will work on an iphone.


oops… sorry… @jatt posted correct links.

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The video shows going from inkscape to makercam. looks thorough.