Solidworks 2018 and up, CAM Post Processor

Is anyone using the CAM Add-In from Solidworks to create G-code for the Maslow? With any of the Solidworks Professional 2018 and newer free 2.5 CAM is included as an Add-In. Has anyone used any of the post processors listed below? There are lots of the usual CNC machines HAAS, Mach III, Mazak, Siemens, and other less heard of machines.

We use CAMWorks at my job, which is the full-feature version of SolidWorks CAM. I have been thinking about using CAMWorks to program my parts at home, but I didn’t see a GRBL post in the available posts list.

I can reach out to our CAMWorks sales rep here to see if that would be fairly trivial to make. Unless someone else already has figured this out.

Thanks for looking into it. I figured I might as well learn to use the CAM that we have at work.

Doing some google searches show up a SW/CAMWorks universal post processor, github has a grbl post processor for CAMWorks and Hawkridge has a bunch of post processors for CAMWorks nothing listed as generic. I wont be able to test any of them for a while.

Nice! I haven’t yet heard back from CAMWorks support, but that might just be what we’d need to get it going.

I downloaded the post files and the Unversal Post Generator. I set up a quick Maslow CNC machine in CAMWorks with the basic settings. I put together a quick program to test out what the generic GRBL post does from CAMWorks. This is the posted file: (1.3 KB)

My machine isn’t presently set up, so the only testing I could do would be to have it sit there and spin the motors xD

The one thing that stands out to me is that there is no safe startup block at the beginning of the program. There’s a G90 near the beginning, at least, but I didn’t see a G21 to tell the Maslow that we should be working in mm. It looks like it should run, although I would do so with caution, making sure my units are set right and everything. Or manually add the G20/G21 at the beginning to specify units.

Porbably have to play with the Post generator a little bit when I have time, or wait until CAMWorks support gets back to me.

While I do some significant advantages to CAMWorks/Solidworks CAM over Fusion 360 CAM, there are a couple of things I need to figure out before I can say that it’s distinctly better. What I can see being really useful from CAMWorks is the ability to save a ton of different machining strategies, and how much more control you get over your toolpaths. But I can’t figure out things like tabs without having to make a bunch of sketches and additional operations.

I think the tab feature is coming with the Solidworks 2020 release.

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Hi, have you been able to test it? I started working with solidworks for school and was wondering if the post processor works.

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@Jurre_Schepers: I’ve heard no response from CAMWorks support about a specific post processor.

I haven’t had a chance to test the program that I wrote back in October. I was able to get my machine to the point where it’s barely alive this last weekend, so it’s still going to be a week or so until it’s is calibrated enough that I trust it to run programs.

Okay, any chance you could keep me updated?

Sure, I’ll report back here when I have a chance to run the code.