[SOLVED] Cracked top router clamp

Looks like the top router clamp is cracked. I think this happened after bottoming out the Z.

Anybody else have this issue? Did I do something wrong?

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Shoot an email to Anna@maslowcnc.com and we’ll get you a replacement in the mail.

I haven’t seen that happen, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. I wouldn’t expect bottoming out the z-axis to do that since it hits the tops of the stepper motors first which should be quite strong.

Where did it crack?

Woops, meant to attach photos.

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Interesting! I could see it cracking there if the router itself bottoms out (IE router bit against the wood) because the force transfers through those points in that case, but I wouldn’t expect to see force there when lowering the z-axis all the way down at say the beginning of the calibration process.

Hasn’t had a router bit in it yet.

I’ll message Anna for a new one and take special care installing.

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