SOLVED - Everything mount, what's next no communication

New M2 Maslow - Windows 10
Hi. I mount the frame and the z axis and it looks great
so what’s next?
Should I install firmware to arduino?
Because in the manual doesn’t say it

But I try to upload the maslowdue to the arduino but it says error (Atmel SMART device 0x285e0a60 found
SAM-BA operation failed)
I have set arduine due(programing port) as the board and the port in com4

also when i connect it and it finds in com3 no noise
but if computer finds it in com4 arduino board makes a constant beep

SOLVED - there are 2 ports in the board, and the second one (which is non accessible) is the one you should use for the programming

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Same issue for me. When I plug everything in both motors buzz. And a yellow light is blinking.

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