Somewhere else to source the parts?

Good catch! Please do add it!

We’ll do a full write up of the plan in the next update on Wednesday but we’re committed to making sure you can always get the custom parts, especially the parts which are needed as replacement parts.

The boards are unique enough that it doesn’t seem reasonable to hope that a second source would carry them.
The motor shield is open source, so anyone can make one, though that’s pretty far afield from the woodworking-CNC hobby realm. The TLE5206 motor shield in the Community Garden is open source as well, and has a thru-hole component version that would be easier to assemble for someone not ready to do surface-mount device soldering.


Any chance of a source for ready-made unstuffed circuit boards?

Most board houses (Seeed Studios, OSHpark) want to sell boards in quantity 3, so one could club together…

Tracking down a supplier who would be willing to make and sell the TLE5206 boards was something I was working on, but the first group I was talking to fell through then I got very busy. I’m hoping to find someone who will sell them soon.

Sparkfun seems like a reasonable option:

@bar, Have you talked to the Sparkfun folks yet? I’d be glad to help bring the board up to their standard if you reach an agreement with them.

I was going to approach Sparkfun too once I had a feel for the demand.

This was going to be stuff I talked about next Wed but, I ordered 30 boards of my forked latest design with Harry.

I wanted to put the details out and look into how much interest there is. Spark-fun would normally do a larger quantity -


Thank you


I’ll bet 30 boards will satisfy the demand. Tapping off the power supply for accessories other than the motor seems problematic, though - the stock power supply might not have the headroom. Have you made any measurements?

I bet 30 will satisfy the demands for a little while, but as soon as we run out of the regular boards I would like to switch to the TLE board as the the new 1.4 board which would mean more than 30 :grin: . It would be awesome to have a stable supplier of them like Sparkfun or someone else lined up.

Itead who we’ve been working with hasn’t been great, and one of the things I would like to work out while we’re taking a break from selling kits is to have a good steady supplier of the boards.

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My goal was 50 or more - but as we did a design change I wanted to prove it out before making a purchase of say 100. Money is a factor for me, I delayed my Kickstarter to focus on this. I was considering doing this as a kickstarter first - I have ideas on diffrent options. This will all go out in my Wed mailing next week then I will open an Official thread in the forum. If I’m going down the wrong road and someone else is already in line for fabricating let me know before I commit too much resource to this.

I have not done any test on the boards other then running my 12 v fan and a set of test motors. Gero is my input as he has a 10watt power supply and the most use of one of these boards so I bug him often enough for his input. @Gero I’m talking about you so I probably owe you a beer now.

Thank you


I just want to see them out there, I’m don’t think it matters who makes them. The nice thing about going the sparkfun route is that I don’t think it would take any money up front. As long as they are making a profit selling them I think all they would ask for would be the community blessing to be the official source

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Do you sell just the boards, or are the coponents included as well? Either way, i’m interested. Maybe shipping them internationally is cheaper without components.
I work in a greenhouse, so i’d like a board i can repair myself when something will burn through from working in 40C at times.
@bee i think he can’t have beer in bahrain :wink:


Oh yes I do! I had Hoegaarden recently :slight_smile:

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@Bee why don’t you make a poll to find out current interest numbers in the board?
I’m in with2 boards.
I still think we need further development to integrate a resettable or replaceable fuse.
I could not find information on how over-current could be monitored by the firmware.

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The TLE5206 chip is supposed to do that itself by tri-stating the outputs in over-current or over-temperature situations, and going back into normal operation when the temperature or current draw is reduced. I haven’t done an actual test of either condition, though :grin:. Someone with a board in a very hot place might try…


Is that detectable buy the FW or/and GC?

I’m in a position not to know what country I live in next and slowly but steady in a process building a frame to show the next weakest part in the system with my setup and 3 sec of full power on the left motor.
In my brain the first Amp test would be how much Amp I pull with a 10A power supply on ‘pull chain tight’. Sadly circumstances and time does not allow me to invest in what keeps me alive right now.
I’m working on it.

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My intent is to offer complete units tested and running, possibly with a pre programmed Arduino - Plug N Pry

I actually have thoughts of several options.

@Dag83 your on the list

Thank you

I can drive my bycicle to the hoegaarden brewery, that’s how close it is, and i drive by like 3 other breweries on the way, that’s how many beers we have :wink:

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No, it is not. :pensive:

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Hi all, I’m late to the game by a long shot! I found this wonderful cnc just as the guys said they are having a break! Typical of my luck, but I am more than willing to buy separate parts and combine but the shield is a problem, can anyone tell me where to buy the right shield? I have got the Arduino mega I just need the shield to go with it?? Help please