Beginners Guide? Where to Start?

Hi all,

Glad there’s a “no judgement category”. I’m new and very interested, but I don’t know where to start. I recently read that they will no longer be selling kits, which shouldn’t be an issue as long as there is some kind of “beginners guide”. What parts I need to buy, how to assemble…I’m sure this is here somewhere, but I’m having trouble finding anything.

I appreciate any help!


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I guess, to be a little more specific…what exactly was in the kits before? 2 motors, 2 chains, 1 z axis kit, and the arduino?

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Plus the motor shield that sits on top of the Arduino and a bunch of nuts and bolts, screws, hooks, bungee cord, roller bearings for the cord.


And the motor cables…


And the chain mount ring

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So…since they aren’t selling kits now is there a published listing of all the parts that were previously in it?

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Yes, you can find a list of parts under the “buy” tab here:

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Thank you! this was exactly what I’m looking for. I was ripping apart the site trying to find this stuff, I found bits and pieces in the assembly instructions page, but this is perfect.

Only question now is how to get more details about the “custom” parts listed.

For example, listed in the kit is the info below…


Part # Included Source Alt Source
Motor Mount 2 Amazon
L-Bracket 5 Custom
Ring 1 Custom

Above this it states…

Note that many of the parts are custom made in which case either a source is not linked, or a similar part is linked and not the one in the kit.

So where can I find dimensions, or details about these custom items?

You can find the CAD models for those parts linked here:


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hmm, doesn’t appear that I can buy the ring and L-Brackets anywhere…Is there another link that isn’t broken? This link leads to a kit purchase that isn’t on the store anymore.

Thanks for pointing out the bad link. I’ve taken it down. We don’t have those parts for sale right now, but I’m working on getting them for sale soon

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basically you can’t put together a kit right now, unless you can solder up your own motor shield printer circuit board. Bee a member of the forum will be selling them pretty soon, premade if you can wait a little bit.

you can buy a linkage kit on the store, which is a good replacement for the ring kit. the ring kit would have to be custom laser cut form the source files and getting just one laser cut wouldn’t be that economical , hence my recommendation for a linkage kit instead.
the L brackets can be made out of any piece of angle iron about 3x3" in size, you just have to drill the holes.
you will also have to make your own 6 strand motor cables I believe.

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This one is also in the “here”

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Cool! Well as long as I know they aren’t gone forever, then I’m happy. With what you’ve provided I think I can happily start ordering and assembling the parts I have access to. Thank you so much! Would you guys be interested in someone making a ground-zero beginners guide? I could try to document my zero knowledge to complete journey to help others in the future. Maybe put it on the wiki?

Thank you guys for the quick responses and for being so helpful, This has given me something to sink my teeth into!


there are already multiple sources of how to build the machine. A how to buy all the parts tutorial would be beneficial. especially since several of the parts are pretty hard for a beginner to track down.


Is the linkage kit more accurate than the ring kit?

Also, I’m already putting together a purchasing guide; although I can already see that there are a lot of changes happening quite quickly! It would probably become out dated easily, but something is better than nothing.

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in theory they should have equivalent accuracy, however no one has actually tested them side by side. That is a pretty common answer you will find repeatedly because testing is very time consuming and the maslow founders have been pretty busy over the last year just getting kits out. There haven’t been that many changes IMHO. look at some of the unboxing videos on you tube, once you see what is in the box it’s really not that intimidating.

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here are the brackets you were looking for above

and the sprockets are here

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Bricks, I started a wiki on it. Don’t hesitate to add your experience.
Posts it the wiki can be modified by everyone!

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Mobile devices and copying URLs. Bluh… Edited it, should work now

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