Speed difference between WC and Makerverse?

So I was messing around with both WC and Makerverse this past weekend doing some aircuts. I am more aqainted with using webcontrol. When I ran up the same gcode file in Makerverse it seemed to move faster on the x y axises and ran a bit smoother than when running WC. The file was not modified with GcodeClean. Were my eyes deceiving me?

Interesting. It could be an illusion, but is hard to say without a stopwatch as evidence. All WC and MV do is send the gcode to the controller. Any efficiency difference or overhead slowing them will be how fast it sends the next line to the controller because neither WC or MV actually calculate movements unless it is a curve and WC will convert large radius curves to straight lines. When webcontrol does this, it sends a message to the terminal, so you can see when it does it. The max feed speed is stored in the controller and can be set in the advanced settings in webcontrol. I don’t recall the $ number for the setting, but it should be visible in the config dock on the left below the terminal in makerverse. Regardless, the feed speed is set in gcode and the mega runs that, not webcontrol or makerverse. It simply passes through. You could do a timed test and see if it really is faster.

My maslow was calibrated via WC. During the aircut in both WC .94 and .957 the cut lasted just over 2 minutes. In Makerverse it was finished in half the time. It looks like the settings are still the same between the to programs, feedrate ect.

I uploaded the test pocket gcode i was aircutting.

3 test pocket -40.nc (20.6 KB)