Increasing Cutting Travel Speed/Feed

Need to increase the non-cutting and cutting speeds. Also, would prefer to control exactly how much velocity to increase Maslow by. Currently cutting at 32 ipm. Overall, can someone please give in depth detail of exactly what and where to change these values?

I have read forums but I haven’t been able to find this helpful due to outdated code (I am using the latest version 2019). Even with some of the suggestions, I have yet to see any results from trying to increase the sysSettings.maxFeed to 2500 (found this in System.cpp tab).

max feed rate is set under the advanced options

the theoretical max feed rate with these motors and sprockets is about 48
ipm, but we’ve seen problems with the stock motors/controllers keeping up at
this rate, which is why the default was cut down to ~32ipm.

to go faster than that you need to go into unexplored territory. you are wanting
to roughly double the speed, that will be a problem.

One limitation you will run into is that the current firmware does not have any
acceleration planning, that is one of the problems we ran into when trying to
run at full speed. the grbl fork will have this.

if you put on bigger motors, you will need a more powerful motor controller (the
chips are marginal for the stock motors)

If you put on bigger sprockets (which was my first thought, I purchased 25 tooth
sprockets back during the kickstarter), you cut down on the about of force youc
an apply to the sled. This would require you to go to a much lighter sled (which
may give you problems drilling into the workpiece) or you will not have enough
force to get the sled up to the top center of the workpiece. It will also make
chain sag worse.

We will be happy to help you make a faster machine, just be aware of what you
are getting yourself into.

David Lang