Speeds and Feeds on the M4

Now that people have started cutting on their M4s I thought it would useful to share recipes that have worked or failed.

I have very little experience with wood working and have never used a router in wood, my only experience has been with carbon composites. :sweat_smile:

My first cuts were in 18mm MDF where I used 1500mm/min , 6mm DoC using a 6.4mm straight cut two flute router bit because thats what the local hardware store had in stock. I cranked up the RPM on the router as it “sounded” better while cutting.

Whats worked or hasn’t worked for you?

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The key is that you want to be getting chips, not dust.

When you are just getting dust, the bit is spending a lot of time rubbing
against the workpiece, and heat destroys bits.

There is a much more in-depth discussion on the topic a month or so ago
(presented by someone with a lot more knowlege than I have)

David Lang

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However, with the caveat that I think MDF will only ever make dust since it is really just pressed dust. :slight_smile: